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Ndainye's Nest Update

Just a quick note, I finished posting the Male Elder defaults for base game over at ndainyes_nest.  I currently have all of the defaults finished for Female Elders and I'm hoping I'll get to posting those soon(ish). 

I tend to go in waves with creating, I get all hyper to do things for a week or so and then I go okay now I have all this new stuff I want to play with it!  So I've been uber mega omg that's a lot of sims hooding for past week or so.  I ended up adding hoods and sims from the three Stories games and I'm slowly working my way around through the first rotation.

Recent updates at Ndainye's Nest

I've been doing a lot of creating recently - mostly clothing defaults.  I've currently gotten all ages of Basegame Underwear, Sleep, and Swimwear posted and will hopefully get Athletic posted in the next day or so.  After that I'll be able to start posting the various Everyday edits I've created.  The everyday portion includes a large number of new meshes and mesh edits that I'm really excited to share.

Check out what's been posted so far at ndainyes_nest

Dragon Age

So I thought that my DA diversion was almost over; I'd played through Origins twice and finished Awakenings.  Then I decided that since I hadn't played a Dwarf at all I should at least play the Origins stories and OMG!! Dwarf Noble has to be my favorite Origin story and it adds soo much to the Orzammar storyline!! Now I want to play through to at least that point with the Noble and probably with a commoner as well since I now understand the only reason why anyone (IMO) would choose a certain route there would be if they were a dwarf commoner.   Still not certain I like the look/changes in DA2 - I've only looked at it a bit.  Whatever, I really want to know more about the world.  Looks like I'll be diverted for a while longer, yeah it took me long enough but I finally understand.


Three Things Meme

I got tagged so here goes.

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DIFT - Generation 3 Chandler (conclusion)

Right before Thanksgiving I posted and asked everyone to give input for my generation four heir.  I appreciate the feedback that everyone gave me. It helped point me in the direction that (at the time) I was already leaning towards.
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Happy Holidays!

This is just to let anyone that's not following my creations journal know.  I uploaded some TS3 Conversions from the TS3 store over at ndainyes_nest

To anyone that's friended both - sorry for the spam :(


For Orikes - OMG Chinchilla!!!!!!

Click picture for info and download @ ndainyes_nest
The tombs and adventures in World Adventures are probably my favorite thing to come from the sims 3 expansion packs.  I was really looking forward to generation three.   Sending Chandler around the world and into the depths of all the tombs has been a lot of fun.   
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DIFT - Generation Two - Anna in Bridgeport

The second generation of my DIFT was in some ways more challenging than the first generation. This was partially because I didn't prepare Anna as well for her goals as maybe I should have.  Due to both the nature of the DIFT storyline and the potential length of the challenge it's advisable to move sims not only from house to house but also from town to town throughout the generations.  Since Generation 2 gives the impression that the sim wants to be in the city, I moved Anna to Bridgeport.  While preparing her for her move I didn't really consider funding, so Anna arrived in Bridgeport with the standard CAS 16,500 stipend.    This was okay in that it was enough to get her a 1 bedroom apartment but apartments (unlike houses) can't really be expanded over time. 

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Music Meme

Stolen from Orikes, Fire, Annie, .. ect..

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit
shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No
cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

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