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Degrees of Familiarity

Familiar Faces Subjournal

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Familiar Faces Legacy is on the exchange not on LJ

Familiar Faces Link List at LJ

Just a note on friending. If you friend me and I don't immediately friend you back it's not because I don't like you. It's most likely because I don't know you. Either I don't recognize your livejournal name or we haven't interacted all that much.

Very few of my entries are friend locked, for those few that do get locked I like to know who's seeing them. Comment intelligently a few times and I'll probably be curious enough to check your journal. Once I find out more about you, I'll be more likely to return the friending.

Regarding my creations. Do with them what you will, it would be lovely if you gave credit when credit is due. A link back would be great, but it's not necessary. You may include my meshes in uploads and houses on free sites. Seeing as I'm generally broke, I'd hate to have my things on a pay site and not get a kickback, so just don't.

R.I.P Sammy baby.